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1. Acquired space from hosting 4 you.

2. Logged in with credentials given. (Setup WordPress from cpanel)

3. Admin username : ************

4. Downloaded twenty eleven Theme & Activated

5. Uploaded Chalk Farm Child theme based off the twenty eleven theme. (alternatively I could just create a new child theme)

6. WordPress dashboard, removal of display header text by unticking the box.

7. Then set background for site.

8. Deleted Plugin Akisnet, as its not free for organisations or businesses. Deleted “Hello Dolly” Plugin

9. Instead installed plugin Brute Protect.

-Thank you for signing up for BruteProtect.

-Your API key for is:

10. Installed soliloqy 2.1.6 for creating rotating slideshows and sliders. Setup demo slider.

11. Installed “The Events Calendar” 3.8.1

updated The events calendar general settings, chnged currency symbol to £

updated the events calendar display settings to use default page template and ticked box to disable the even search bar to utilize the classic header style.

12. removed recent comments and meta from widgets on main sidebar.

14. Theme adjustments for wordpress 4.0

15.Added placeholder html (So we can close the site off quickoly if need be.

16. Assigned Menu, added login button for easy access.


WordPress Installation Settings

Wordpress install setup

Clean WordPress 4.0

Clean Wordspress 4.0


Removal of Hello Dolly and Akisnet, Installation of Brute Protect and solioqy lite.

Plugins - brute protect Limit logon attempts and soliloquy lite

Discussion Settings (disabling comments to start with)

discussion settings

Permalink Settings
(Gone for post name permalinks as they are easier to read and remember)

permalink settings

Twenty Eleven and Twenty Elven custom Child Theme installed

cfhg twenty eleven child theme

Customized to remove the Display Header Text.

Child Theme applied - wordpress dahboard customizer

Installed “The Events Calendar”

Events Calendar looks odd by default

Fixed Issue with events Calendars display. (changed currency symbol to £)

Events Calendar general settings

Events Calendar (display Settings)

Events Calendar display settings

Events Calendar fixed, slight modification to CSS files for the events calendar to blend in with design and layout.

Events Calendar fixed

A little Change to CSS for the page title.

cfhg calendar tweeked

Reverted to simple backdrop.

Added SitSS placeholder, in case we need to close the site for maintenance.


Site ready..


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