Introducing – SITSS New Helpdesk system

Our new IT Support System

Camden School’s IT Support Services (SITSS) are pleased to announce the release of our new helpdesk system. After an extensive review of various support systems, we have chosen NetHelpDesk (NHD) which will enhance the end users IT support experience.

How will it benefit School staff?

  • Self Service Portal – Tickets can be raised and progress monitored through to resolution. Previously closed tickets will also be visible.
  • Open Fault and Service Request tickets, view and update your tickets from any device with a browser and internet connection.
  • Communicate with support staff and work together to resolve your issue
  • Speedier response time

When is the system going Live?
As of Tuesday 2nd of May 2017, all new calls will be handled by the new helpdesk system.

What’s next for staff?
Before Monday 1st May 2017, all staff employed by schools who have signed up to the 2017-2019 Camden SITSS support contract will receive a welcome email containing their username and password as well as instructions on how to log into the self-service portal.

Further Information
Please click here for How to Guides and further information.

To Raise, Update and Close Tickets using the new self-service portal click here.



adminjackIntroducing – SITSS New Helpdesk system

Tip of the week

You can now log your service requests, faults and procurement requests via our website.  As long as you have access to the internet, you can log requests with us on any Internet enabled device.  The link is here:

This is now our preferred method of logging your requests with us.

You can still email the Schools IT Support Service Desk at the usual address, which is:

If you are unable to log your request via the two options above, for example, if you have no Internet, then please call our IT Service Desk on 020 7974 2465.

adminjackTip of the week

Need an OTP tag ?

OTP (One time passwords) tags are used to securely access various resources on the London Grid for Learning.


adminjackNeed an OTP tag ?

Aquiring Rav3 anyconnect VPN client

(Please note: an OTP is needed for the anyconnect vpn client to work. If you need an OTP tag please click here.)
In order to update LGFL based websites from outside the LGFL you will need the Cisco Anyconnect vpn client software. To obtain the software follow the instructions below.
  • Click the following link.
  • Then logon with your USO username followed by your USO password followed by a full stop and then your 6 digit OTP tag code.

Example password = myUSOpassword.123456

  • Then click on the anyconnect tab on the left hand side.
  • Then allow anyconnect to detect your platform, howpefully it will say, that the web based installation as unsuccessful, and then you can install anyconnect via the link below that message which should say windows desktop.
  • Then you should have downloaded anyconnect-win3.1.exe
  • Install anyconnect on your PC clicking next to all the promts.
  • When installation is completed, in your start menu you should find the cisco secure mobility client called “anyconnect”
  • Launch anyconnect and you will notice a window pop up in the bottom right of your screen.
  • In the white box paste the following address
  • Then click connect.
  • A popup message will occour asking for your USO username and password
  • Again put in your USO name for the username and in the password put in your USO password followed by a full stop and then your 6 digit OTP tag code.  Example myUSOpassword.123456Then your connected to the LGFL and can now connect to your website via Dreamweaver or any other program that uses FTP.
adminjackAquiring Rav3 anyconnect VPN client

How to register your OTP tag

In order to register your OTP tag, please follow the instructions below.SITSS
  • Log in with your USO username and password
  • Once logged in go to the first menu called “My Account” and then click on “Register OTP”
  • When you have registered the OTP tag, log out of the support site close down all browser windows.
  • Log in again to the support site this time it should ask you for your username and password and on the next screen it wants your 6 digit otp tag, enter this in to ensure your OTP tag is working with your account.

If you don’t have an OTP tag and you are not a nominated contact, then please log a call to request a new OTP tag.

adminjackHow to register your OTP tag

Tip of the week 30.06.14

Customize your PC


Due to feedback recieved from Schools during a recent consultation, access to the Control Panel is now available on staff pcs.

This means that you will be able to customise your pc and change your desktop background, screen resolution etc…

Further changes due to feedback received are currently being implemented.

Please speak with your site technician if you require further information.


adminjackTip of the week 30.06.14

Tip of the Week 03.06.14

Tip of the week – Scratch 2.0 

At first it looks like you need to register in order to use the web based programming software from MIT Scratch version 2.0 which requires the users to be over 13. However it can be used without logging in and the project files saved to the students home H: drive.

Ask your technician to add to your start menu and desktop if you want to start using the new version

adminjackTip of the Week 03.06.14

AginCourt House Update

LGfL banner
Notification of Planned Work
We wish to inform you of the forthcoming Planned Works relating to the LGfL 2.0 service at your establishment ‘Agincourt House’, the details of which are described below:
Planned work:
C00542131- Access to customer site not required. Re-configure & rename the existing LGfL AggSwitch stack into a pair of Alcatel 6850 switches at the VM site in Camden and connect them to the respective upstream PE devices.
Third-party reference:
Planned start:
Thursday, 22 May 2014, 22:00
Planned duration:
8 hours
Expected impact:
There may be a loss of service at some point during the time frame stated.
Reason for work:
Re-configure & rename the existing LGfL AggSwitch stack into a pair of Alcatel 6850 switches at the VM site in Camden and connect them to the respective upstream PE devices.
Backup plan:
Revert back.
To manage your communication preferences regarding future notifications, please visit this web page.
adminjackAginCourt House Update

Tip of the Week

LGFL One Minute Guides            

Please check out the One minute Guides produced by the LGFL, they cover all aspects of IT in Schools, including E-safety advice, Data Protection, as wel. as LGFL products. The Link can be found here.

adminjackTip of the Week