MIS Integris G2 Support


Consultancy, technical support and training for the RM Integris G2

Management Information Systems (MIS) software currently supported through the schools’ IT SLA are:

  • School Management Solutions (SMS) Integris G2 student database –
  • Tucasi Schools Cash Office/Dinner Money Manager software
  • RM Finance
  • RM Financial Management for Schools
  • CaptureSupport for Integris includes, as required:
  • training for new schools’ Integris database managers;
  • “how to” workshops on school census and year end procedures;
  • telephone and remote-access support;
  • production of user guidance notes as required;
  • full support and documentation for schools, including training as required, in producing statutory returns required by the DfE and the Children Schools and Families Directorate;
  • liaising with the CSF Directorate’s Research and Management Information Team to ensure that support provided to schools on statutory returns fully meets the needs of both schools and RMIT;
  • investigation and resolution of issues with the Integris software, including liaising with the School Management Solutions support team where required;
  • ensuring schools are given full information about enhancements to Integris and guidance on how they might be used.


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