Magic Info Displays

How to configure a Magic info display within a school network environment.

Configuring the displays

1. Attach a keyboard and mouse to the magic info display.
2. Power up the display and go to the BIOS by pressing F2.
3. Within the BIOS make sure that boot from PXE rom is not listed as the first device to boot from and that the display boots from the Hard drive first.
4. Save Changes and Exit the BIOS by pressing F10 and yes to save changes.
5. Boot into windows embedded.
6. You should see a Magic info setup wizard, Magic info asks if you are using it via FTP or WAN LAN setup, select WAN LAN and next to all other wizard screens and finally, reboot.
7. Once back into Windows Embedded you should now notice a magic info globe is spinning on a black background.
8. Press Alt-F4 or Alt F12 to close this window and return to the desktop.
9. You should now see within the system tray there is a magic info globe icon.
10. Right click on the icon and select EWF and then disable EWF and restart
11. Once rebooted, install Sophos for standalone and individual machines (Available on the LGFL support site) Once Sophos is working, disable the windows firewall and reboot.
12. Change the ip address to a static ip within the correct range.
13. Finally enable EWF and restart.

All done with the display/s, now the PC which acts as a server.

1. Install Magic info Server software and Magic info pro software on a PC which shares the same V-Lan as the display/s.
2. Restart the PC and log on as an Administrator.
3. Grant read and write access to users via the permission attributes on the SEC folder within program files.
4. Log off.
5. Log in as a network user and run magic info pro, confirm that you can import a picture files in to magic info pro media library.
6. Confirm that you are able to see the Display within “Remote management” section of the magic info pro software.

Download known working copy below.

Magic Info Pro Server Software

Job done.

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