LGFL Webscreen 2.0

Webscreen 2.0
Category Definitions = web sites can be in multiple categories.
Policy Groups = shows how many groups are enabled for the establishment.
Policy Groups have priority.
Policy based groups overrides ip based policies.
Based Upon – Either LA Templates or Groups
Time based policies
If Schools do not set a policy it will be set at LA level
Custom category are LGFL defined categories
Host is an ip = blocks ip based connections
New URL = Unscanned URL will cetgorize and then be either filtered or let hrough.
Search Keywords = List of rude words
Bing works on https, therefore it can provide better filtering.
HighRisk = https. DNS entries can pass this through to end users. (Google Translate is a security risk)
System URLS
Allowed or Dissallowed URLS
LOCAL URL or Keywords = more precise definitions
Only http:// is counted as a URL, otherwise it will act as a keyword
Keywords are checked against entire URL string
* atestrisk do not work as wildcards, but just as an asterisk character
https and http can appear in different categories
Dont try to define a long URL string on an HTTPS site.

Time Based Policies
Ime based setup ….
Local Categories
Set by = shows who is in control of which catagory.
Webscreen changes must be issues by ict coordinator or headteacher….

IP Ranges
More specific filtering
Ignores base rules
singular ip address cannot have further policies applied.

User Lists
Defining new User groups
Group priority applied which is useful if a user is a member of more than one group
Make sure users log off!!!
Users can logon straight away.
Block pages = Classified as’ which category… ie Webchat
Policy Group being used, 202-0000-staff etc…
Default block page can be changed.
Chromebooks will need ip addresses for https filtering to work.

URL Test
self explainitory

self explainitory



Webscreen 2.0

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