Tip of the week 30.06.14

  Due to feedback recieved from Schools during a recent consultation, access to the Control Panel is now available on staff pcs. This means that you will be able to customise your pc and change your desktop background, screen resolution etc… Further changes due to feedback received are currently being implemented. Please speak with your site technician if you require further information. …

adminjackTip of the week 30.06.14

Tip of the Week 03.06.14

Tip of the week – Scratch 2.0  At first it looks like you need to register in order to use the web based programming software from MIT Scratch version 2.0 which requires the users to be over 13. However it can be used without logging in and the project files saved to the students home H: drive. Ask your technician …

adminjackTip of the Week 03.06.14

Tip of the Week

LGFL One Minute Guides             Please check out the One minute Guides produced by the LGFL, they cover all aspects of IT in Schools, including E-safety advice, Data Protection, as wel. as LGFL products. The Link can be found here.

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Tip of the Week 10.05.14

LGfL takes seriously its role and contribution in the safeguarding of pupils and the underlying security of schools’ networks and data. Second factor authentication, achieved using a ‘one time password’ (OTP) tag, is a key component of a wider strategy to achieve this purpose. LGfL will, at it’s expense, provide an OTP tag on request to each Head Teacher and …

adminjackTip of the Week 10.05.14

Tip of the Week 29.04.14

New Core Schools Blade Servers Operational The new blade servers which provide the core server provision to Schools are now operational. The existing virtual servers have been moved over to the new hardware which is fully redundant. Although there is still a bit of “tweaking” that is required to seperate the servers in to multiple virtual ones, the bulk of …

adminjackTip of the Week 29.04.14

Tip of the week 05.05.2014

LGfL is delighted to announce the launch of the Curriculum Central Resource Discovery Service which offers a modern, efficient interface that helps teachers navigate their way around the revised National Curriculum with ease and speed, allowing teachers to quickly appreciate which LGfL resource will help them deliver the revised National Curriculum. Curriculum Central is optimised for mobile technology, ensuring an optimum user …

adminjackTip of the week 05.05.2014