Welcome to SITSS websites!

In 2015 we now supporting wordpress based website solutions.

We aim to provide retina ready mobile mobile resposive solutions based on wordpress technology.

We will also be updating our dreamweaver template based solution to be retina ready, multi lingual, (100% mobile resposive)

So what’s “Retina Ready” ?

Retina ready, is apple’s terminology.

Because the typical viewing distance is different, depending on each device’s use, the pixels per inch claimed to be of Retina quality can differ, depending on the size of the display, with higher PPI for smaller displays and lower PPI for larger displays. Later device versions have an even higher quality improvement, either counted by an increase in the PPI (pixels per inch)

Instead of using JPG & GIF images, we would use higher resolution png files that are then scaled with html so they display inredibly sharp across all devices.

What is a Responsive website ?

A resposive website or a mobile resposive website, is a site designed to be functional by touch and will allow you to rotate the whole site 90 degrees, and the site will then resize to fit landscape or portrait.