Aquiring Rav3 anyconnect VPN client

(Please note: an OTP is needed for the anyconnect vpn client to work. If you need an OTP tag please click here.)
In order to update LGFL based websites from outside the LGFL you will need the Cisco Anyconnect vpn client software. To obtain the software follow the instructions below.
  • Click the following link.
  • Then logon with your USO username followed by your USO password followed by a full stop and then your 6 digit OTP tag code.

Example password = myUSOpassword.123456

  • Then click on the anyconnect tab on the left hand side.
  • Then allow anyconnect to detect your platform, howpefully it will say, that the web based installation as unsuccessful, and then you can install anyconnect via the link below that message which should say windows desktop.
  • Then you should have downloaded anyconnect-win3.1.exe
  • Install anyconnect on your PC clicking next to all the promts.
  • When installation is completed, in your start menu you should find the cisco secure mobility client called “anyconnect”
  • Launch anyconnect and you will notice a window pop up in the bottom right of your screen.
  • In the white box paste the following address
  • Then click connect.
  • A popup message will occour asking for your USO username and password
  • Again put in your USO name for the username and in the password put in your USO password followed by a full stop and then your 6 digit OTP tag code.  Example myUSOpassword.123456Then your connected to the LGFL and can now connect to your website via Dreamweaver or any other program that uses FTP.
adminjackAquiring Rav3 anyconnect VPN client